Ahh… A proper printer!

At the time printers were horrendously expensive for home users. There wasn’t a lot of choice either. Consequently a lot of teletypes etc. were re-purposed to give hard copy output. I actually had the printer half of a KSR33 teletype for a while. 🙂

This could print 80 characters to a line, using a 7-needle dot matrix head (so there are no descenders). The ribbon was in a cartridge, holding quite a long length. Paper could be either teletype rolls as shown or fanfold edge-perforated. It could handle single sheets, but they were awkward to feed.

The control board was similar to a Nascom-1, using a Z80 processor, 1k RAM, 2k ROM , PIO and UART. The PIO was used to control the printer mechanism and the UART provided the RS232 serial interface to the computer. All the printer timing was done by the Z80.

A review appeared in INMC News 7, printed on an IMP so you can see typical output.

Imp manual:  IMP


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