Wow, hows that then? Issue 1, November 1979, 50p! (Actually, the Nascom content of this was sent to me as scans on a CD quite a long time ago – thanks Keith!)

The LSG contributors were nothing if not enthusiastic: the first edition included a complete programming language for the Nascom. The index for the first issue illustrates that this magazine was not aimed at one particular computer:


Sargon meets the Nascom
Chess in 8KB RAM!
Pets Corner
Not that sort of pet – the Commodore PET of course!
Programming Practices and Technics (sic)
Self explanatory really…
M5 System – an interpreter for the Nascom 1
A language interpreter + program code in less than 1KB.
I’m Pilot, fly me
A nice old language suitable for interactive instructions etc.
Apple Pips
The Apple influence was there from the start.
Acorn Mastermind
Another oldie…
Pascal bytes the Apple
Yet more for those rich Apple users!
Random Rumours
News ” comment.

A 4MB PDF of the complete first issue is Here

Issue 2


Issue 3


Issues 4 & 5

Issues 6 & 7

Issue 8

LSG eventually became “Windfall”, a magazine dedicated to the Apple computers.



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