The following was contributed by Constantin Olbrich quite a while ago.Thanks Constantin!

(I did the conversion to HTML – please don’t blame him!)

The NAS-SYS Toolkit comes in two 2708 and is adressed at B000..B7FF.
It is designed for NAS-SYS 1, Naspen and the 8K Microsoft Basic.
I found the original Toolkit and Naspen EPROMS in my EPROM box,
and now, these EPROMS are still working and heating on the RAM A Board.

The suggested memory map was:

B000-B7FF NAS-SYS Toolkit 2*2708
B800-BFFF Naspen 2*2708
C000-C3FF NAS-SYS Debug 3.1 1*2708
C400-CFFF NAS-DIS Disassembler 3*2708
D000-DFFF ZEAP 2.1 (with the “:” command) 4*2708
12 Eproms: 8 on N2, 4 on RAM A

The Toolkit has the following functions:

Keyboard: Automatic keyboard repeat feature

(incompatible with NAS-SYS 3)
Printer: A Printer Routine with handshake

don’t know, if it was a parallel or serial printer.

Serial handshake is possible with a small hardware modification.
Main Menue: (displayed at startup EB000 )


BC Basic Cold
B Basic Warm
P Naspen
Kx Keyboard Options
Px Printer Options
Basic Interpreter: Some new keywords (incompatible with NAS-SYS 3)

The new keywords are active, when BASIC is started from the Toolkit.

  • RENUMBER renumber the program lines of loaded basic program
  • STEP single step
  • FIND find a string in loaded basic program
  • HELP find source line/statement after a runtime error
  • HEX convert hex to decimal (max 10 arguments)
    usefull for generating DATA statements

  • INKEY & RINK Keyboard wait and scan
    These routines were called via USR()

  • MON back to NAS-SYS
  • APPEND Append a basic program to an existing program
  • AUTO Auto line number for easy typing
  • DELETE Delete programe lines from xx in range zz
  • DUMP Dump numeric and string Variables, but no arrays

As the ZEAP 2.x Package, the NAS-SYS Tookit checks, if it is run out
of an EPROM or out of RAM, which was a “copyright violence”.

To run the NAS-SYS Toolkit in RAM change:

  • b020=0
  • b021=0
  • b23e=0
  • b23f=0
  • b247=0
  • b248=0

There are also some patches for the Toolkit to work with NAS-SYS 3.
But these patches are, not as the others, not 100% ok, e.g. RENUMBER don’t work.


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