This was a combined Nascom-1 buffer board, power supply & and bus system. Super indeed! The edge connector at the right-hand side would be linked to the Nascom-1, mounted back-to-back on the reverse of this board. The connection was made via 2 connectors on a short piece of stripboard, referred to as “micromum”!

suprmum-N1 connector

The complete assembly was reasonably rigid, especially if some sort of insulated packing piece was used between the two boards.


This was one of those lovely items that I completely failed to get on ebay. Luckily there were some lovely pictures. 🙂




And we have the manual too: GM806_Manual

An advertised part number for this is GM806AK. The K indicates that it was a kit version (I don’t think they were ever sold ready-assembled). The A indicates that the kit does not include power supply components, which were sold seperately.


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