kenilwFirst shown at the 1982 Compec exhibition, there were two computers available from Business ” Leisure Microcomputers of Kenilworth, UK. One version was NASCOM-based and the other Gemini-based. Both machines were similar in size and appearance. I think that they were only available as ready-built units – they were available though, in spite of the fact that I haven’t been able to track down a photograph.

It was “portable” if you had strong arms, weighing about 28lbs. The unit contained two slimline 400k 5-1/4in floppy disk drives and a 9in mono monitor.

The NASCOM version contained a NASCOM-2, AVC, RAM and FDC cards and was supplied with a NASCOM-2 keyboard.

The Gemini version (slightly cheaper) contained the GM813 CPU-RAM, GM812 IVC and GM809 FDC cards and was supplied with a GM827 extended keyboard.

There were a couple of cased versions of the Gemini system. I’ve just been sent this rather nice picture of one that’s still in fully functional condition (Thanks Danny!). It was used at Gemini for copying the floppy disks that were sent out with each machine.


This is fitted with:

GM813, GM832, GM849A, xebec, 20Mb Micropolis HDD and 3 epson 720K FDD