kenilwFirst shown at the 1982 Compec exhibition, there were two computers available from Business ” Leisure Microcomputers of Kenilworth, UK. One version was NASCOM-based and the other Gemini-based. Both machines were similar in size and appearance. I think that they were only available as ready-built units – they were available though, in spite of the fact that I haven’t been able to track down a photograph.

It was “portable” if you had strong arms, weighing about 28lbs. The unit contained two slimline 400k 5-1/4in floppy disk drives and a 9in mono monitor.

The NASCOM version contained a NASCOM-2, AVC, RAM and FDC cards and was supplied with a NASCOM-2 keyboard.

The Gemini version (slightly cheaper) contained the GM813 CPU-RAM, GM812 IVC and GM809 FDC cards and was supplied with a GM827 extended keyboard.