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Lucas were remarkably late with their disk system. Several others were already available (some already using CP/M) so they were off to a difficult start. They designed a completely new controller card using the WD1793 control chip – quite a decent device at the time and more versatile than the systems used in most modern PCs.and capable of handling up to four floppy drives.

It could handle either 5.25 inch or 8 inch drives, single or double sided and single or double density on systems with either 2MHz or 4MHz processor clocks! This made it suitable for both Nascom-1 and Nascom-2 systems. Connectors could be fitted for either 34-pin (5.25 inch – as shown in the above example) or 50-pin (8 inch) drive systems. Several boards could be fitted on a single bus.

Nascom could supply either CP/M or Nas-Dos operating systems (as an optional extra, of course!).

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