This was a lovely case – with a price tag to match! Made from painted steel & wood, it was very sturdy and could take the weight of a monitor quite easily. There was space inside to take a Nascom-2, power supply and up to 4 additional cards.


They were manufactured by a company in Kenilworth, UK. It wasn’t easy levering a Nascom-1 into one of these, but it has been done. As you can see, the Nascom-2 is fine. This example is shown with what appears to be the standard Nascom 3A power supply.

Here’s the case assembly manual: Kenilworth_case

Here’s another rather nice example:

N2 in kenilworth cas


kenilworth case back

As you can see, there were plenty of holes for those little add-ons that accumulated. 🙂

inside kenilworth case

A different power supply and the keyboard unplugged.

This was the case I always wanted, but could never afford. Still, it’s nice to have these pictures now – and I don’t know where I’d store one!


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