This was my “local” user group. We met once each month in the (large) upstairs room of a Liverpool pub. As a matter of interest, I think that the NASCOM-2 which I acquired recently was originally built by one of the members there – it can be a small world on the internet…

The Merseyside Nascom User Group was, I think, one of the first in the country. At one point I believe the membership topped 150 (it may have gone higher), which probably also made it one of the largest. Certainly, some very clever hardware and software was produced there.

Put together by various members of the group (and if you are reading this you know who you are… drop me a line!), this book became favourite reading matter for a while. Some of the programs may have one or two mistakes, but many a happy hour has been spent getting them working. None of the programs are written for NAS-SYS, so if you want to try the Tiny Basic listing mentioned below you will need to run the NASBUG T4 monitor if you don’t want to modify the program!


I have scanned part of this book which describes a version of Tiny BASIC. If anyone is interested (and I don’t receive any complaints about copyright – see copyright page) I may be tempted to scan more of it.

Examples of the hardware which I first saw at the group (I think it was designed by group members) are the FPCS board (96k) (a 64k RAM board with trimmings) and the Animated graphics (163k) board.


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