The Nascom-1 and Nascom-2 computers came without power supplies. Goodness knows how they expected us to use them! Of course, many users (especially constructors) simply provided their own power supplies – saving their money for more meaningful upgrades!

The links below lead to PDF files of the user manuals.

Nascom 3A PSU

The first version of this had overheating problems with the 5V regulator. Consequently it was soon replaced by a new version, which sported a bigger heatsink. Both of the 3A supplies consisted of a PCB with an off-board mains transformer. The 3A PSU was intended to power a Nascom-1, buffer board and a memory card – and not much else.

Nascom 8A PSU

The 8A PSU was designed to fit into one end of a 19″ rack. It was a much better device altogether, even having fuse and crowbar protection for the 5V supply. It consisted of an aluminium housing (also used as the heatsink), containing the PCB and mains transformer. There were connectors on the front for the mains supply and for connection of the low voltage supplies.