Now, here’s something of a rarity. Steve Shepherd has provided this picture of a special Nascom test board in what appears to be brand new condition. Not a lot of information is available to me yet, but the unit has displays for the address and data bus, an experimental area and a test probe. There is also a socket for plugging something else in – not NasBus. My own theory is that it’s for connecting to a Nascom-1, the 80-pin edge connector being used to connect to a Nascom-2 via the bus – only one at once, of course! Unfortunately Steve didn’t supply a circuit diagram with the photo.

Time passes…  🙂

Ah! They say that if you wait long enough then all things will happen. It’s taken a while, but I’ve just received some information about this board (thank you very much Florian!). It’s in the form of a PDF file, so I’m not going to split it up. The quality isn’t brilliant but the important information is there.


As I suspected, it would accept a Nascom-1 plugged directly into the blue connector or it could be plugged into a NasBus.

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